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Narcissistic TTrauma Forever

It’s never over

We can adapt and live our lives. However, that is never over. There is no day we can say that is closed for good. I have become much stronger recently, but boy, that is not over. It’s like a scream from the depths of myself, screaming to get… Read More »It’s never over

Covert Narcissism

Covert narcissism is sometimes referred to as shyness, vulnerability, or closet narcissism, among other terms. People that fall under this category are less likely to display arrogance or entitlement than others. Instead, they may put themselves down and appear nervous about what other people think of them, rather… Read More »Covert Narcissism


Gaslighting is a psychological manipulation technique in which the intended effect is to get the person being gaslighted to doubt their own sense of self-awareness. Their memory, perception, and sanity may be in question. With each passing day, a gaslighter’s tricks might get more sophisticated and dangerous for the… Read More »Gaslighting


Breadcrumbing, the approach narcissists and insecure utilize while courting. Breadcrumbing refers to an attitude in which the individual provides minor indicators of desiring something with you, but in fact. It is first useful to recall how the narcissist “entraps” you. They accomplish this in the love-bombing stage by showering you with attention, nice… Read More »Breadcrumbing

Narcissistic Abuse

Nobody should have to live in an emotionally abusive relationship. Unfortunately, persons who are narcissistic are often difficult to recognize, particularly at the greatest levels of wealth and social prominence. Living with a narcissistic spouse may lead to a condition known as narcissistic abuse syndrome, in which a… Read More »Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic Supply

Early childhood attachment trauma is common in those with narcissism (narcissistic abuse.) The narcissist was not properly linked to, or was not given enough affection, as a youngster. Rather of depending on basic human connection abilities, he developed a type of barter system to help him survive in relationships… Read More »Narcissistic Supply


Almost usually, someone is aiding the narcissist. Narcissists can’t function without facilitators because they lack self-assurance and definition. An enabler encourages the narcissist’s need for control, inflated ego, and abusive conduct. Accepting his/her version of reality, not standing up to abuse, concealing or cleaning up mistakes, defending him/her,… Read More »Enabler


Love bombing is constant gifts, praises, and attention. The love bomber then manipulates you by withholding affection and attention. It’s great to be loved! Feeling loved and valued by others may instantly enhance confidence. But something is off. It’s hard to describe, but it’s there. Narcissistic supply may… Read More »Love-bombing

False Self 

The False Self, once constituted and operating, stifles and paralyzes the True Self. The True Self is now almost non-existent and plays no active or passive part in the narcissist’s conscious existence. Even psychotherapy can’t “revive” it. This replacement is not only alienation. Frustration and self-hatred deepen when… Read More »False Self