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The Glimpse of Trauma

I’ve experienced a weird phenomenon throughout my life. Very rare, but often enough not to go unnoticed. I am not even sure how to describe it…. It is a sudden, irrational sense of utter sadness, loneliness and pain. A completely unknown and yet so known and unnamed.


It is “the surprising reaction when individuals meet the disparity between an accepted or ideal picture of oneself and a dramatically contrasting actuality” that causes narcissistic mortification. Failure to meet ideals and the consequent shame terrifies many people. Dread of rejection, isolation, and losing touch with reality, as… Read More »Mortification

Narcissistic Injury

We all were criticized, some more than others, and individuals reacted differently. A narcissist’s grief runs deeper and wider than virtually anybody else’s. And, contrary to popular belief, narcissists are more sensitive than the rest of us. Freud was the first to recognize that NPD was caused by… Read More »Narcissistic Injury

Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs Borderline Personality Disorder

Similarities BPD and NPD share many traits and behaviors. Personality disorders are characterized by rigid thinking, acting, and behaving. Both will use defensive mechanisms to safeguard their self from mental and emotional suffering. As a result, individuals have issues in critical areas of their lives. 1 Among the… Read More »Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs Borderline Personality Disorder

Narcissistic Pain

Who am I?

Even though I’m more aware I still don’t know who I am. Sometimes it feels that I am composed but this composition is not robust. Sometimes it’s solid and there are times when it is so fragile. When “it” comes it’s breaking apart again.  I think now I… Read More »Who am I?

It came again

It has hit me again. I am a self-devouring animal, but all this is happening in my head. I am being punished by myself for all the things I have not done and all the things I have not been. All my value has been taken away and… Read More »It came again

The love misnomer

I have been so wrong all my life. Love is not about loving what is beautiful, perfect and pleasant. Love is being part of others. To die if they die. Loving them as we love ourselves. To feel their pain as ours. To love is to give.

What is evil?

Thousands of books and millions of words. Legends, religions, different cultures. What a waste. The truth I am revealing for you now. Here it comes. Lack of empathy, the need for control, pathological lying, sense of entitlement and superiority. That is it. Thanks. Bye.