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Vulnerable covert narcissism

Covert Narcissism Traits

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Narcissism that is kept hidden from others is known by a variety of names, including vulnerability, shyness, and “closet” narcissism. When compared to the general population, they are significantly less likely to display traits such as superiority complexes or a sense of entitlement. They might come across as… Read More »Covert Narcissism Traits

Breadcrumbing of the narcissist


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Breadcrumbing is a manipulative tactic often used by narcissists and other manipulative individuals to keep their victims interested in them without actually committing to a relationship. It involves giving someone just enough attention to keep them interested, but not enough to move forward in a relationship.

Gaslighting in narcississm is meant to trick you


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How sane you really are? Gaslighting is a psychological manipulation technique in which the intended effect is to get the person being gaslighted to doubt their own sense of self-awareness. Their memory, perception, and sanity may be in question. With each passing day, a gaslighter’s tricks might get more… Read More »Gaslighting

Narcissist craving for narcissistic supply

Narcissistic Supply

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Early childhood attachment trauma is common in those with narcissism (narcissistic abuse.) The narcissist was not properly linked to, or was not given enough affection, as a youngster. Rather of depending on basic human connection abilities, he developed a type of barter system to help him survive in relationships… Read More »Narcissistic Supply

Narcissistic Abuse

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Nobody should have to live in an emotionally abusive relationship. Unfortunately, persons who are narcissistic are often difficult to recognize, particularly at the greatest levels of wealth and social prominence. Living with a narcissistic spouse may lead to a condition known as narcissistic abuse syndrome, in which a… Read More »Narcissistic Abuse

Enablers of the narcissist


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the accomplice who carries the dagger Almost usually, someone is aiding the narcissist. Narcissists can’t function without facilitators because they lack self-assurance and definition. An enabler encourages the narcissist’s need for control, inflated ego, and abusive conduct. Accepting his/her version of reality, not standing up to abuse, concealing… Read More »Enabler

Flying Monkeys in Narcissism

Flying Monkeys

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The fools will finally see through The word comes from The Wizard of Oz, when the Wicked Witch sends flying monkeys after Dorothy and her dog. The monkeys follow her orders, teasing and torturing Dorothy as she attempts in vain to return home. Narcissists and their flying monkeys.… Read More »Flying Monkeys


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First doses of heroin are as cool Love bombing is constant gifts, praises, and attention. The love bomber then manipulates you by withholding affection and attention. It’s great to be loved! Feeling loved and valued by others may instantly enhance confidence. But something is off. It’s hard to… Read More »Love-bombing

testimony of narcissistic abuse

Two stories

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Emily There was a young lady who went by the name of Emily once upon a time. Emily spent her childhood in a home with two narcissistic parents, neither of whom ever supported her hopes, dreams, or ambitions in any way. They never stopped criticizing her, put her… Read More »Two stories