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It’s never over

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Narcissistic TTrauma Forever

We are able to adjust and continue living our lives. Nevertheless, that never comes to an end. There is no day that we can say for certain that it is over and done with. Recent months have helped me become significantly stronger, but boy, that process is far from complete. It’s like a scream coming from deep within me, pleading to be let out. To break the cycle of playing the same damn script over and over again, you need to replicate it. Regardless of the successes I’ve had in the past, I am worthless. I am trying to find ways to dull the pain inside of me. If this is the drug, then I’m hooked, and I suspect I always will be. My heart was once broken in two, and the pieces have never been put back together. There is no room for an additional stitch. Not a single one.

Feeling worthless


People who have had narcissistic trauma in their lives, such as having a parent who is narcissistic or being in a relationship with a partner who is narcissistic, may frequently have the feeling that they are not adequate in some way. This may be the result of the narcissistic person’s tendency to constantly criticize, minimize, and invalidate the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the other person.

The person’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth can be severely damaged when they are subjected to persistent criticism and devaluation, which can lead them to believe that they do not measure up to expectations. They may struggle to feel confident and secure in their own worth and abilities, and they may believe that they are always falling short of the unrealistic expectations set by the narcissistic individual. This can cause them to feel like they are always falling short.

Seeking the support of a therapist or counselor who can help you work through these feelings and develop a more positive and healthy sense of self can be helpful if you have experienced narcissistic trauma and feel as though you are not good enough. This can be helpful if you have experienced narcissistic trauma and feel as though you are not good enough. It may also be helpful to put some distance between yourself and the narcissistic individual and to surround yourself with loving and supportive people who can assist you in recovering and rebuilding your sense of self-worth.