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The love misnomer

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I’ve been so wrong my entire life. It is not enough to love what is beautiful, perfect, and pleasant. Love is being a part of something bigger than yourself. To perish if they perish. We love them as much as we love ourselves. To feel their anguish as if it were our own. Loving is giving.


People who have narcissistic personality disorder frequently engage in behaviors that are known as “false love” or “narcissistic love bombing.” This strategy entails lavishing the individual with an excessive amount of attention, affection, and flattery in the hopes of winning their trust and admiration. The narcissistic person may also manipulate and take advantage of the person in order to satisfy their own requirements and gratifications.

On the other hand, this “love” is frequently only skin deep and does not demonstrate genuine empathy or concern for the other person’s wellbeing. The narcissistic person might only show love and affection when it is in their own self-interest, and they might withdraw from the relationship or become abusive if the other person does not live up to their standards or fulfill their requirements.

This type of false love can be harmful and hurtful because it can lead the person to believe that they are loved and valued, only for the narcissistic individual to discard or mistreat them when they are no longer useful to the narcissist. This type of love can also lead the person to believe that they are loved and valued by others. Additionally, it can make it challenging for the individual to trust others and to develop healthy relationships in the years to come.

Seeking the support of a therapist or counselor who can assist you in processing your experiences and developing a healthier and more realistic understanding of love can be helpful if you feel as though you have been the victim of narcissistic love bombing or false love at some point in your life. It may also be helpful to put some distance between yourself and the narcissistic individual and to concentrate on repairing the damage done to your sense of self-worth and on putting healthy boundaries in place in your relationships.