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Addiction is lacking

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Addiction is a complex problem that affects millions of people all over the world in bad ways. Even though there are many things that can lead to addiction, the feeling of being lacking is one of the most important. People can turn to addictive behaviors as a way… Read More »Addiction is lacking

Narcissisitic Mother

On Narcissistic Mothers

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I’d prefer a reptile mother. I’d rather not have a mother. (I’d prefer not to exist…) You are doomed if you have a narcissistic mother. You should have gotten away, but how could you? I always felt at ease around dogs. Never been judged. I was never embarrassed.… Read More »On Narcissistic Mothers

narcissistic trauma

Heart skin ripped off

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My heart’s skin has been ripped away. How can you heal?It’s a wound that will bother you on bad days. The anti-inflammatory medication is as follows:

Shadows of Narcisissm


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I might not have been, but I am. I’m not, but I could be. Nothing is alive in the forest of my life. I am a shadow among shadows. I’m looking for love, but I can’t seem to find it. The dagger in my heart will stay with… Read More »Shadows…

Narcissistic Abuse

Devouring myself

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I am my own greatest enemy. I will act as both the judge and the executioner. I am skilled in the art of tormenting and inflicting pain… on myself. I am the only member of the false-ego cult to follow its teachings. I am familiar with all of… Read More »Devouring myself

Narcissistic TTrauma Forever

It’s never over

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We are able to adjust and continue living our lives. Nevertheless, that never comes to an end. There is no day that we can say for certain that it is over and done with. Recent months have helped me become significantly stronger, but boy, that process is far… Read More »It’s never over

Trauma of narcissistic abuse

The Glimpse of Trauma

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I’ve experienced a weird phenomenon throughout my life. Very rare, but often enough not to go unnoticed. I am not even sure how to describe it…. It is a sudden, irrational sense of utter sadness, loneliness and pain. A completely unknown and yet so known and unnamed. Context… Read More »The Glimpse of Trauma