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No contact in Narcissism

I am standing still!

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I’ve beaten the beast with thousand swords. I proudly remain no contact. My shield is my heart and my mind. We are those of the light. I shall never fail again! Context No contact is a strategy that people who have been the victims of narcissistic abuse frequently… Read More »I am standing still!

Narcissistic Pain

Who am I?

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Even though I’m more aware I still don’t know who I am. Sometimes it feels that I am composed but this composition is not robust. Sometimes it’s solid and there are times when it is so fragile. When “it” comes it’s breaking apart again.  I think now I… Read More »Who am I?

The love misnomer

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I’ve been so wrong my entire life. It is not enough to love what is beautiful, perfect, and pleasant. Love is being a part of something bigger than yourself. To perish if they perish. We love them as much as we love ourselves. To feel their anguish as… Read More »The love misnomer

Narcissism is pure Evil

What is evil?

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Countless books and millions of words. Legends, religions, and various cultures. What a squander. The truth I’m about to reveal to you. It’s almost here. Lack of empathy, a need for control, pathological lying, a sense of entitlement, and a sense of superiority. That’s all there is to… Read More »What is evil?

What I could have been

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The flower stepped upon. The love never given. The comfort never felt. The lies instead of truth. The reptiles in human disguise. Counterfeits, breadcrumbs. fakes and lies. The smell of rotting. The everlasting emptiness.

When it comes…

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When it comes I am being taken to the times long forgotten. To testify the scenes I so wanted to forget. There are ones who also want it be forgotten, but it shall never be. The good angels are protecting the painful memories so I can wear the… Read More »When it comes…