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You are at the gates of hell….. Someone who has been in a love relationship may recall those early sentiments of excitement and satisfaction when they meet someone new. For instance, did you experience a sensation of delight when you began dating your partner? This occurs fairly regularly.… Read More »Idealization


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Now you are doomed… Devaluation is the antithesis of idealization in psychiatry and psychology. In this context, it is to describe someone or something as faulty, worthless, or having exaggerated negative traits. Idealization may swiftly devalue since there is no intermediate ground for NPD. They may swiftly depreciate those they once adored when questioned,… Read More »Devaluation


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The poison is cooking Triangulation occurs when a toxic or manipulative individual, generally a narcissist, pulls in a third person to maintain control. Only the manipulator will be able to communicate with the two triangulated persons. It takes many shapes, but they always aim to divide and conquer,… Read More »Triangulation


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what narcissist wants you to be, but you aren’t In order to protect themselves, abusers, especially those suffering from narcissistic or borderline personality disorder, as well as drug addicts, often resort to the tactic of projection. “It’s not me, it’s you!!” is the essence of what they’re saying.… Read More »Projection

Grey rock

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wear the shield my dear A narcissist is too self-absorbed. They need admiration, attention, and have a hard time taking criticism or disappointments. Narcissists are skeptical and cynical. They are often arrogant, cunning, and domineering. Being linked to, working with, or dating a narcissist is a difficult situation.… Read More »Grey rock

No contact

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the ultimate tool you will have to use No contact rule is a tactic in order to break relations with a narcissist, psychopath or other emotional manipulator. As the name says, it is about eliminating all sorts of contact with the emotional manipulator and severing all links with… Read More »No contact

Narcissistic Injury

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The nightmare of the narcissist We all were criticized, some more than others, and individuals reacted differently. A narcissist’s grief runs deeper and wider than virtually anybody else’s. And, contrary to popular belief, narcissists are more sensitive than the rest of us. Freud was the first to recognize… Read More »Narcissistic Injury


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the true death of the narcissist What is mortification? Mortification is a psychological concept that refers to the feeling of shame, embarrassment, or disgrace that results from being exposed or humiliated. In the context of narcissism, mortification can occur when the narcissistic individual’s grandiose and inflated sense of… Read More »Mortification


Trauma Bonding: Understanding the Complicated Relationship Between Trauma and Attachment

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When someone goes through a traumatic event, it can change their outlook on life forever. It can alter our perspectives, emotions, and actions, and even make it harder to connect with others. Trauma bonds are a special kind of relationship that can develop after traumatic experiences. A trauma… Read More »Trauma Bonding: Understanding the Complicated Relationship Between Trauma and Attachment