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What is mortification? Mortification is a psychological concept that refers to the feeling of shame, embarrassment, or disgrace that results from being exposed or humiliated. In the context of narcissism, mortification can occur when the narcissistic individual’s grandiose and inflated sense of self is challenged or threatened. The… Read More »Mortification

Narcissistic Rage

Narcissistic Rage

Narcissistic rage is a reaction to feeling that one’s sense of self has been injured or threatened in some way. It is a type of anger that is typically associated with individuals who have a narcissistic personality disorder. In situations where a person with narcissistic tendencies feels that… Read More »Narcissistic Rage

Narcissistic Injury

We all were criticized, some more than others, and individuals reacted differently. A narcissist’s grief runs deeper and wider than virtually anybody else’s. And, contrary to popular belief, narcissists are more sensitive than the rest of us. Freud was the first to recognize that NPD was caused by… Read More »Narcissistic Injury

Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs Borderline Personality Disorder

Similarities BPD and NPD share many traits and behaviors. Personality disorders are characterized by rigid thinking, acting, and behaving. Both will use defensive mechanisms to safeguard their self from mental and emotional suffering. As a result, individuals have issues in critical areas of their lives. 1 Among the… Read More »Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs Borderline Personality Disorder

Can narcissism be healed?

While narcissism is a personality disorder, and it is not curable, it is possible for individuals with narcissistic traits to make changes and to learn healthier ways of relating to others. Narcissism is a complex and multifaceted disorder, and treatment is typically tailored to the specific needs and… Read More »Can narcissism be healed?