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testimony of narcissistic abuse

Two stories

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Emily There was a young lady who went by the name of Emily once upon a time. Emily spent her childhood in a home with two narcissistic parents, neither of whom ever supported her hopes, dreams, or ambitions in any way. They never stopped criticizing her, put her… Read More »Two stories

Narcissisitic Mother

On Narcissistic Mothers

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I’d prefer a reptile mother. I’d rather not have a mother. (I’d prefer not to exist…) You are doomed if you have a narcissistic mother. You should have gotten away, but how could you? I always felt at ease around dogs. Never been judged. I was never embarrassed.… Read More »On Narcissistic Mothers

Narcissism in my life

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Helen: In 1998, when I was 38 years old, I tied the knot with the narcissist who would become my husband of 25 years. My knowledge of narcissism started from square one. From the very beginning of our relationship, he was transparent about his identity. His whole family,… Read More »Narcissism in my life