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What I could have been

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The flower stepped upon. The love never given. The comfort never felt. The lies instead of truth. The reptiles in human disguise. Counterfeits, breadcrumbs. fakes and lies. The smell of rotting. The everlasting emptiness.

When it comes…

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When it comes I am being taken to the times long forgotten. To testify the scenes I so wanted to forget. There are ones who also want it be forgotten, but it shall never be. The good angels are protecting the painful memories so I can wear the… Read More »When it comes…

Narcissism in my life

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Helen: In 1998, at the age of 38, I married my narcissist husband of 25 years. Narcissism was completely new to me. He informed me who he was from the beginning of our relationship. His entire family, which he seldom saw, was going to warn me about him.… Read More »Narcissism in my life