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On Narcissistic Mothers

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Narcissisitic Mother

I’d rather have a reptile mother. I’d rather have no mother at all. (I’d rather not exist…)

Under a narcissistic mother you are doomed. You should have escaped, but how could you have?

I always felt good among dogs. Never judged. Never felt ashamed. The woman I feel good with is like a she-wolf. True humanity and motherhood are defined within wolf packs. There is nothing else needed in life than the loving eyes of a true mother.

The narcissistic mother is the poison we got instead of the true mother.

Narcissistic Mothers are monsters
We need mothers like this one


A narcissistic mother is a mother who exhibits narcissistic traits, such as a lack of empathy, an excessive need for attention and admiration, and a lack of concern for the feelings and needs of others. A narcissistic mother may also be excessively controlling and demanding, and may manipulate and exploit her children for her own benefit.

Narcissistic mothers often have a distorted and inflated sense of self-importance, and may view their children as extensions of themselves rather than as individuals with their own needs and desires. This can lead to a lack of nurturing and support for the child, as the mother is more focused on satisfying her own needs than on providing for the child’s emotional or physical well-being.

Children of narcissistic mothers may experience a range of negative effects, including low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness, and difficulty forming and maintaining healthy relationships. They may also struggle with self-doubt and anxiety, and may have difficulty setting boundaries and asserting themselves.

If you believe that you have a narcissistic mother, it can be helpful to seek support from a therapist or counselor who can help you process your experiences and develop coping strategies. It may also be beneficial to distance yourself from the narcissistic mother and create healthy boundaries to protect your emotional well-being.